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Motor Vehicles (Driver’s License) Checks

Name (email link) Cell Role(s)  
Heather Teague Office: 812-855-9758 Office Services & MVR Program Heather Teague
Julie Burks Office: 812-855-8656 OnBase & MVR Support Julie Burks
Daryl Brawthen Office: 812-855-9758 Athletics & MVR Support Daryl Brawthen 

One risk management technique in the vehicles area is checking drivers’ licenses through state agencies to determine if they are valid.

Many of IU’s employees drive UNIVERSITY VEHICLES on UNIVERSITY BUSINESS. IU is very liberal in allowing students to drive UNIVERSITY VEHICLES, also. Before driving, an MVR check is required. Users can submit their information online or download and submit a paper form.

Heather and Julie can usually check an Indiana driver in a few hours. Out–of–state is a different process and takes more time. Don’t wait until the last minute to be checked! Students must submit their information each year. Employees do not need to resubmit their information unless 1) their license state changes (e.g., from an Illinois license to an Indiana license), 2) there is a name change or 3) the type of license changes (e.g., you go from an operator’s license to a chauffeur’s license). We do not notify you about the results of the checks unless there is an issue.

UNIVERSITY VEHICLES include all licensed vehicles owned, leased, or rented by or for Indiana University. (See the Related Information section IC 34-13-3-5 concerning immunity of governmental employees which affects the use of a personal vehicle on University business.) This definition includes personal vehicles when operated on UNIVERSITY BUSINESS.

UNIVERSITY BUSINESS means those activities that further the mission of the university and, in the case of an employee of the university, are within the scope and authority of that person’s employment. For example: normal student transportation activities, e.g., handicapped students shuttles, Campus Bus, are deemed to be “in furtherance of educational objectives” within the course of their normal use. E.g., driving a personal vehicle on a university errand or from one location to another to teach is university business. This definition applies whether the driver is reimbursed for use of a personal vehicle or not.